Frequently Asked Questions

At Spencer Hill Communications, we want to make sure that our clients understand our business.
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    What is MPLS?
    MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. It is a process used in high-performance, communicative telecommunications networks that direct and carries data from one network point to another.
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    What's the difference between fiber and copper?
    In terms of durability, fiber has more potential. Constructed of glass and secured by rubber, it can be exposed to any environmental element with very little chance of interference. Copper on the other hand, is easily impacted by the environment. It is directly exposed to outdoor elements.
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    What are the benefits of SD WAN?
    Faster provisioning Reliable More uptime High quality data transfer
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    What's the difference between fiber and cable?
    In terms of reliability, fiber is favored because its deployment is based upon a service level agreement - it provides the customer with an outline defining the quality of service they will receive. Copper is deployed with the customer's understanding that the service is best effort - there are no guarantees on the quality of service they will receive.
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    Do I need to change my current phone number?
    You do not. You own your current phone number. That is not relative to Spencer Hill's services.
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    Is Spencer Hill considered a carrier?
    No. Although we have strong relationships with every carrier, Spencer Hill is not a carrier itself. We arrange, negotiate and provide for our clients, to the carrier.
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    Will my services require rewiring?
    Rewiring certainly depends on the service(s) being provided but if it is required, the process will be minimal.
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    How could Spencer Hill save me money and improve my services?
    Through network inventory, Spencer Hill will complete a full evaluation of your company to determine exactly what you need to fully benefit your business.
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