Spencer Hill Communications Services
Cloud & Data
Spencer Hill’s data and cloud centers are privately secured, fully manageable, in-house servers, designed with you in mind.   Every center is consistently cleaned and monitored to ensure the most reliable service for you and your business.  Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to safely store important information without having to spend hundreds on new, always-changing computer systems.    Need more space?  No problem.  We will immediately provide you with a customized cloud, specific to your needs ensuring that your current and new space is completely safe from harm.  Our cloud and data centers are fully equipped to handle both natural and manmade disasters with offsite backup systems habitually checked to ensure your information is protected and present.   Our Spencer Hill team is dedicated to ensuring that your invaluable information is safe and secure within our cloud and data centers.
Consulting & Project Management
In this ever-evolving industry, Spencer Hill Communications is the company you should rely on to stay up-to-date.   With the heavy pressure of running a business, you shouldn’t have to worry about trying to keep up with constantly changing technology – so let us do it for you.  We are abundantly prepared to handle every project, no matter the volume, and consult on any level.   From beginning to end of every assignment, our highly trained team of experts will be there to guide, develop and finalize.  Off hours?  Don’t worry.  Spencer Hill guarantees 24/7 support. 
Bill Analysis
Our executive level analysts and advanced software will expansively evaluate any phone or Internet bill.  We are here to help you understand what you’re being charged for, mistakes in service, potential problems, and more.   After our audit is complete and you have been thoroughly briefed on the outcome, we will help you decide what to do next.  Change your carrier?  Switch networks?   How about a refund?   Let us walk you through every available option so that we can find what works in your benefit.  At the end of our audit, we will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your bill analysis.   
Business Continuity
Spencer Hill Communications understands that stability, recovery and professionalism are of the utmost importance to every business.  That’s why we proactively prime our facilities, team and technology with a range of perspectives, scenarios and outcomes to best serve you and your business.  Whatever the disruption – not only can we identify it and resolve it, we will recover from it with you.   We will assess critical functions to determine where you are most vulnerable, strategically approach the source of the issue, actively engage in preventing future risks, provide highly educational training programs so that your team can learn to identify potential problems, and guide you through a long-term recovery program. 
Aggregate Sourcing
With over a decade of service under our belt, we have developed a personal and mutually beneficial relationship with all leading carriers in the industry.  With every business comes unique and personalized service requirements to which Spencer Hill Communications can provide.  We understand the wide range of networks, services, solutions, and technological options out there and we want to make it easier for you choose between them all.   Spencer Hill will provide you with an array of options suitable to your wants and needs, specifically tailored to your price range. 
Network Operations Center
Customer service is our number one priority.  If you can’t reach us to solve your problems, then we aren’t doing our job.  Available on all holidays, weekends and nights, Spencer Hill Communications will be there for you.  We live-call answer every phone call with the intention to serve you.  We have an obligation to provide you with impeccable service and our dedicated Network Operations Center team will do just that.  Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Give us a call on our toll free number to get the answers you deserve.
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