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"Growing up, I was taught to treat people with the utmost respect.  We built our business around that value."

- David Fortuna, President, Spencer Hill Communications
Spencer Hill Communications is a telecommunications consulting, management, and sourcing firm combining years of experience with technological and engineering expertise.  Leveraging long standing relationships with leading carriers, Spencer Hill will source the right services at competitive rates while providing unrivaled pre and post sales support and management.  From single location businesses to multi-location Fortune 500 firms, our customers all benefit from the same level of exceptional service.

Today’s technology landscape is challenging, even for the most experienced of Telecom Managers and IT professionals.  Mergers, acquisitions and carrier consolidation, coupled with fundamental shifts in technology, have combined to create an atmosphere of great confusion and apprehension.  Hosted voice, cloud services, SD WAN/LAN, MPLS, deciding what to buy and from whom has never been so daunting.  Spencer Hill devotes countless hours studying trends in technology and in the industry, speaking with carrier executives and professionals, negotiating service levels and rates with major carriers so that our customers maintain a competitive advantage. 

As an independent agency, Spencer Hill is not bound by the traditional restraints that direct carrier sales professionals are. Each opportunity benefits from our proprietary service provider acquisition system.  Inputting specific customer requirements through a weighted matrix, our system determines all providers and services that are available for any given customer.  This allows us to ensure the appropriate provider is sourced for the service matching each company’s unique criteria.

Spencer Hill Communications employs only experienced industry veterans who have held executive level positions at major carriers and entrepreneurial firms alike.  Operations, Engineering, Deployment, Sales, Development, and Consulting are among the diverse divisions they've led. This breadth of experience uniquely qualifies Spencer Hill to assist customers in their decision making process, regardless of complexity, as well as yield professional relationships and provide access to executive level teams at most carriers to ensure negotiations and escalations are handled quickly and productively.

Spencer Hill Communications
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Spencer Hill's sister companies were created to better serve our clients 
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TelecomDR is a business continuity and disaster recovery firm employing state of the art technologies to ensure your business is always up and always accessible.  Wireless back-up, hosted ACD and phones, SIP trunks, email management solutions, and cloud services are just some of the services that TelecomDR utilizes to keep your business, in business.